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The event will take place in cozy and nature-friendly Tartu Environmental Education Centre (TEEC) situated at Lille 10, Tartu, close to the city centre. For a Google Map view, please click here.

View of the Tartu Environmental Education Centre from outside.

Botanical garden of Tartu Environmental Education Centre.

About the Tartu Environmental Education Centre

The Tartu Environmental Education Centre is a diverse, open and friendly facility. Their mission is to develop an environmentally friendly mindset among children, youngsters and adults through nature education. 

The Tartu Environmental Education Centre is an environmentally friendly building, the substance and functions of which are communicated well by its permanent exhibition "Transparent Environmental Education Centre". The Centre uses rainwater for watering plants, and it is powered by the sun; the interior walls are filled with cellulose, and the floor is covered with a cashmere carpet. In the lush winter garden of the Centre, you can take a closer look at banana, pineapple, vanilla, cocoa and coffee plants, as well as other exotic and yet familiar vegetation. For study and social purposes, there is a mini zoo presented in the building where it is possible to meet small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, mice etc., also different bird species. 

The large park next to the TEEC covers 10,000 m² and contains a large number of species. Old and ancient trees meet newly designed park trails offering learning and recreational possibilities in the hilly park. A visitor can find peat, butterfly, and vegetable beds in the park. There is also a man-made beaver nest, a sundial, a fountain, a pond, children's playground, etc. The park facilities and plants are introduced by several information boards.

Location and parking

The Tartu Environmental Education Centre is located in the center of Tartu, 7 minutes walk from Tartu Bus Station and 10 minutes walk from Town Hall Square. The address is Lille 10 Street. It is convenient to come by foot, public transport or bicycle. In front of the house is a secure bicycle parking.

Limited parking facilities in front of the house – one disabled persons parking place and three visitors parking. Behind the house is parking only for the employees of  Tartu Environmental Education Centre.

Guests arriving by car can leave their car at Lille Street. This is located in parking zone B. Please read more about the parking zones in Tartu from here.